Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Craft Fail: Photo Transfer Tote

Ever had a project that turned out, oh well um...not so nice? I have had plenty, I just normally don't show them to all of you! Shelle at Dreamy Nest? Not! is starting a new party, every month on the 15th, so we can all keep it real, offer each other encouragement, and get a few laughs all at the same time.
Here's mine. Isn't it a beaut? Needless to say, we gave my Godmother a lovely bouquet of flowers in lieu of this perfectly fine tote, featuring a seriously messed up picture of her darling grandson. When I saw the idea on Martha Stewart, here is a link to directions if you don't want to watch the video, I thought it was such a good idea. Uses photos, is personalized, and quick to make, that's my kind of project! Maybe you're thing, oh it's not THAT bad, well here's the close up. Don't worry the face did kinda show up on the real bag, I just digitally removed it for on here. I did not use the same brand of transfer at Martha showed so maybe that was the dealioh. I pressed hard as it said, but evidently not hard enough, and rubbed it for the correct amount of time. Maybe I just need to get more practice getting the hang of the right amount of pressure to apply. I've got a few more sheets of iron-on photo paper so I'm sure I'll be ruining a lot more perfectly good things giving it another try with fabulous results!


9 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie! LOL That's just uhm, a little horrific. . . :)
Thank you so much for keepin' it real and sharing your FAIL. And for posting about it! You ROCK girlfriend. Seriously!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Love this idea of the "fail" posts. Personally I never pictured you ever making something bad. :)

Beth said...

Thats funny! Love that idea for a party!

Amber D said...

Since you shared yours I thought I would show you mine!


Jen @ said...

Oh nooooo! That's too bad. I love seeing everyone's fails. It's good to show that we all have our bad days :)


Christine said...

You are awesome for posting this! I entered a project too!

malia said...

Katie it makes me feel a little bit good that an uber crafter like you has those uh oh projects too!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

oh! at first I thought wow that is too bad that it didnt transfer the face. haha, but then you wrote that you actually added the white-out. Always good to see what works and doesnt.

Blessings & Aloha!

MusicalMommy said...

Must be that kind of month. Here is my project flop two weeks ago.

Again to the outside eye, doesn't look like that much of a problem. Yet didn't match what I had pictured in my mind.
I personally like the faided look on your bag, maybe not on a face though. Wuld be cute with a Bright Daisy photo for example.

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