Friday, April 29, 2011

26 Weeks

I'll start with a little update, a couple of weeks ago I started feeling really pregnant.  It's hard to bend at the waist and this time around I'm experiencing a significant increase in growing pains and aches.  My legs and knees feel tired after standing for even short periods.  I'm a little concerned about weight gain because I just cannot exercise like I did the first time, I did fifteen minutes on the elliptical and then was achy for two days!  I'm trying not to push myself but it's frustrating because I like being more active.  Baby has been very active, so at least he's movin' and a shakin'; sometimes I can even see my belly move when he's kicking.  But I'm trying not to complain too much, as after all, we feel very blessed to have finally gotten to this point again!

We've really kicked into full baby mode, working on projects in preparation for this summer.  I sorted through boxes and boxes of ER's outgrown things, pulling out special outfits we want to hold onto just in case we have a third go around, and packing up bags and bags of extras to drop off with friends.  We sent a bunch of 2T summer clothes to my cousin in New York and it was fun to see his daughter wearing one of the dresses for Easter.  I tend to be a bit of a pack rack when it comes that kind of thing; it was a little heart wrenching to see them go.  Knowing they are being used and seeing them on other little ones we love makes it a lot easier. 

Brad has been working hard to clear out the basement and move stuff around the house for storage while he works on finishing it and making us a playroom and office down there.  He's dropped off several bags full of stuff to donate and made a few trips to recycling centers.  He's getting ready to lay down tarp on the floors this weekend and we're going to try to finalize a paint color for ER's room soon.  We don't have to paint the baby's as it's already a nice shade of green but since ER's walls are still white it seemed like a good time to tackle that.  Finding a booster seat for her is also on our to do list.
It's a bit early but I've picked up a few baby outfits.  I really like the top one because even though it's not a Tiger baseball oufit, the colors are our team's☺  Shopping was fun because I didn't really pick out any of ER's first baby clothes, our family and friends were so generous at our baby showers.  She wore a lot of basic onesies and now I regret not getting her a few prettier things in those sweet itty bitty sizes.  Right after she was born, it was my mom who had to run out to get another package because ER was so much smaller than we expected.
She didn't truly fit into her "home from the hospital" outfit, that's her in it at one month old above, until she was over three months old and by then it was too cold to wear it.  I was under the impression babies were a lot bigger & grew faster than ER did. She was still able to wear newborn sizes at two months old.  I began to put her in bigger sizes because she needed to wear warmer clothes not because she outgrew them.

So far Baby #2 is measuring right where ER did, within the normal range but at the very bottom.  I'm anticipating we'll need some newborn things so he doesn't look lost in everything, but I'm going to try to hold off making really stocking up until closer to the birth.  I'll be seeing the baby at least once and possibly twice a week toward the end, since I'm considered high risk, so I should have a very good idea of the baby's projected birth size.  The doctors were pretty good about predicting with ER, I was just kinda clueless and didn't realize how small six pounds of baby was until I was holding her!


8 Friends Said:

Cheryl said...

You look great!
I think getting ready for the baby- buying the clothes and everything- is so much fun.

Tara said...

You are looking great!

So funny that we almost have the same story with our first babies. Andrew didn't wear his going home outfit until 2 months later...for Easter. I ended up just bringing him home in a little sleep gown. He was 6lbs., 5 oz. and I was so glad just so my back could gradually build up muscle to hold him. I don't know what I would have done with an 8 lb. baby.

Mary Ann said...

How fun & exciting! It's good that you have a while to prepare & you can slowly clean, gather, & get projects done. Thanks for the update!

Jenny said...

How fun! The same thing happened to me, Abby wore preemie for about a month! Her newborn going home outfit didn't fit for awhile. LOL!

Are those from Costco? I think I saw them there. They always have great prices and cute kid stuff! I got Abby 3 pc. PJ sets there.

Jaedyn said...

I love those outfits! :) You should check out ThredUp if you're looking for clothes, I'm totally addicted (and blogged about it showing pictures of what I was able to get). I've been getting nice name brand stuff off of there for both Emma and Isaac. I recommend going to the Facebook wall and asking about boxes of the size you're looking for so you can see pictures first. :)

Hope your pregnancy goes smoooothly and you don't have many more aches, pains, etc. :)

Bobbi & Noe said...

For some reason, your blog hasn't been showing up on my reader. I missed so much.........I am so happy for you. You're such a great Mom and you look so cute!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Looking good, Katie :)

MaryAnne said...

Such a cute baby bump photo! Those outfits you have picked out are darling, and I loved seeing the photo of tiny little ER!

Emma was a tiny little 6lb baby like that, and then Johnny and Lily never even fit in the newborn clothes since they were both nearly 9lbs at birth! So you're smart to hold off on really stocking up until you have a better idea of your little boy's size =)

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