Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playing with Caillou

Do you ever find yourself singing the lyrics "I'm just a kid who's four, each day I grow some more, I like exploring I'm Caillou."? Well they sure run through my mind a lot! My four year old daughter has long been charmed by her television counterpart on the popular PBS Kids and Sprout television show, brought to your home by Cookie Jar Entertainment.
Now the fun can continue with the new Caillou toys. We got two toys from the new line by ID Toys to play with through Team Mom. The Caillou Classic 14.5 inch doll ($29.99) was a BIG hit with ER. She has been lovingly playing with him ever since he came home. Since his arrival coincided with the news our baby in August will be a boy, she's been very interested in having all her baby dolls have a new brother. Caillou fits the bill nicely indeed!

Caillou's soft body is ideal for big hugs. The vinyl arms, legs, and face make it easy for wiping clean after their adventures together, that on one day included giving him bites of cookie during snack time! He arrives in his classic outfit, recognizable from the television show and ER has been enjoying taking off and putting on his shirt and pants. Being able to change baby without help from Mommy is an especially important feature in our house. The only downside has been that once we cut off the plastic packaging that held on Caillou's hat, it's been hard to get it to stay put ever since. That's not a big deal to ER though, and hasn't lessened her enjoyment of the doll at all.
We also received one of the Caillou Bath Time Vehicles ($16.99). First thing I liked about it, no batteries required! You turn the wind up mechanism at the bottom of the "motor" and watch as the propeller spins to make Caillou and his cat Gilbert move across the water.  The toy moves rather slowly when both characters are on the boat, so while it moves, don't expect it to zoom around the tub. 

The characters are easy to detach from the boat for enjoyment. Gilbert's head moves and Caillou comes apart into three pieces, although I'm not sure why, perhaps so that his body is a bit more movable than it would be one piece.  ER enjoys playing with the toy while taking a bath, but at her age she prefers to move it around by herself.  I think the gentle movement will still be enjoyed by younger children.

Caillou toys are available at Toys R Us, both in stores and online. If your kiddo is a fan of this character I suggest you check out the range of fun toys available that help bring Caillou and his friends to life during playtime.


Disclosure: Complimentary review toys were provided via Team Mom, experiences and opinions expressed are personal and unbiased.

2 Friends Said:

MaryAnne said...

I'm always happy to see boy dolls, and I love wind-up toys!

Unknown said...

You know the one thing that drove me crazy about Caillou was he always talked in third person. My son started doing that after watching this show. I love the principle of the show just not how Caillou talks so baby-ish. The doll is cute and my son would love the boat!

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