Friday, April 8, 2011

PackIt: Freezable Lunch Bag Review

I have been enjoying our new FREEZABLE lunch bag from PackIt. Created by moms for moms, PackIt is a new innovative line of lunch bags offering the coolest new way to keep things cold and fresh for up to ten hours. That's more than enough time for your child's lunch to stay cool between leaving your home and getting eaten at school.

What makes the PackIt unique, is that the gel is actually integrated into the liner of the bag. You fold up the bag, this is an especially feature because then it doesn't take up a bunch of room, and store in the freezer until needed. Then take out, PackIt and GO! I really like how you no longer have to worry about cold packs getting lost or taking up space inside the bag. When I used to teach and have lunch duty with my kindergarten students I can't tell you how many cold packs would get lost! Plus as cold packs unfreeze they led to water getting over your food, not appetizing! Our PackIt is a pretty aqua color and the first thing I noticed is that, it is heavier than your average reusable lunch bag. That's because the gel is inside the entire bag, except for the fold over flap. I didn't find that to be a bother, it's one of the reasons the PackIt is so good at keeping things cold and it lets me know that all the contents will be kept cool.

It has plenty of room for a full sized meal and since I am so happy with how cool it keeps things I am planning on using it to carry extra bottles of milk out and about with us once the baby is born. It's also going to be very handy for taking snacks along with us to the park and lake all summer long. I really like it and feel our food is safer and fresher kept inside one. It's available in kinds of colors and patterns, several are brand new and yet available when I picked out the aqua blue for our review. I just love the selection, the blue robots and multi-colored polka dots are both so cute for kids. The road signs design would be great for outdoor enthusiasts and there are also nice neutrals that still are stylish, the Viceroy print is my personal favorite.

PackIt freezable lunch bags are 8” x 10” x 5” (8” x 5” x 2” folded), sweat-proof, PVC/lead free tested, non-toxic, earth safe, and retail for $19.99. They an affordable way to be "green" and a great solution for any time you need to eat on the go that also looks great too.


Disclosure: We received a complimentary PackIt for review. The experiences and opinions related in this post are personal and unbiased.

4 Friends Said:

Amanda said...

What an awesome lunch bag! That would be great for hubby at work.

malia said...

those look cute, organized and most importantly-- easy to clean!

Sandy said...

I love your site--so many great ideas here! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

Nee-Nee said...

I have one and I love it! This bag works great! Keeps everything i pack cool! I totally recommend this bag to anyone who packs their own lunch for work or any one with kids that take their own lunch to school!!

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