Friday, April 22, 2011

Blue & Green Earth Recycled Crayons

Happy Earth Day!  I've been wanting to do this simple project ever since I saw on babycenter.  We finally made them this week.  Along with our Earth Crayons we made rainbow ones too. 
I know melting crayons has been done before across bloggerland but t's the first time I've made them with ER.  She absolutely loved being told to actually break crayons.  She was a big help during each step and wanted to peel, sort, break, and fill the cups all by herself. She stood on her stool next to the counter just staring at the oven, she was so excited to see the finished batch!
We've been busy creating with our new crayons, especially the ones that look like the planet Earth.  What have you been doing to celebrate our planet?


6 Friends Said:

Jessica Buffa said...

Hi Katie. I can't believe how much your daughter looks like you! Amazing crayons. My kids would love to make these. Great pics. I have been recycling more than usual and trying to keep all the Styrofoam from packaging to use in projects. My latest venture is making a wishing well for my sister's wedding reception from mostly recycled materials. I so far have used an old diaper box, paper towel rolls, cardboard squares, cut outs from a Ding Dong box, left over decorative rocks from McK's past science project, and old steel cans. You'll have to keep a look out for when it is done. I will post later about it!
Happy Crafting!

MaryAnne said...

I love these pictures of ER - she is so cute!!! Your crayons turned out great! We melted crayons in dixie cups in the sun last summer, but I've never tried them in the oven. And I love the blue and green for Earth Day.

We're getting ready to plant our garden to celebrate Earth Day!

Lisa said...

These are so cute and a great idea to use up some of those broken, icky crayons. I hope to do this one day with my little one. Passing on the creative genes!

Christy said...

This is great! I had not seen the earth crayons! I'm saving this link idea for sure. :O) Hope you are feeling well!

Brimful Curiosities said...

They do look like the earth! Very neat project for Earth Day.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

These crayons are adorable, Katie! I've never seen the Earth version before... too cute!

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