Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend in Recap

I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful!  We had two busy days, beginning with heading out to the Zoo Saturday afternoon for the annual Bunnyville event.  We thought we'd have to skip it due to rain this year, but it was an absolutely beautiful day, temps made it all the way into the 70s!  I was sorry I'd put ER in corduroys as we all got a little hot.  Even though he was pretty covered up, Brad still managed to get a little sun burnt.  

Being at the Zoo really reminded me I'm six months along!  I had a hard time being on my feet for several hours and really felt some aches and pains.  I saw a bunch of mommies to be with really big bellies running around after toddlers and pulling wagons.  I have no idea how they do it, I must be an "old" mom!  Brad took ER to the playground and sitting helped me recover enough to make the long walk back to the car in the overflow lot across a very busy main road.

After the Zoo we went to my parents and spent the night so we wouldn't have to drive back across town again the next day.  We went with my brother Dave out to dinner and to Barnes & Noble to pick up a cover for Nook.  My mom was getting Polish kielbasa and the lemon pie ready for Easter and they kept an eye on ER for us.
On Easter morning we waited too long to head off to church and it was packed!  We ended up in the library, that had a few extra seats in it.  My Dad couldn't find us at first and was sitting in another extra room, but the priest saw him and then saw my Mom and the rest of us in the other room.  He joked and said, "What'd he do," when he saw my family sitting apart.  Mom had to go over and get Dad; we teased him that he was trying to ditch us on Easter. It was odd sitting way in the back; we think most of the people around us weren't regular parishioners as the room cleared out,along with the extra back rows, before the priest made it back up the aisle during the recessional at the end of mass.

After starting the day, focused on the real reason for Easter, we went back to my parents' for some bunny related fun.  ER had a huge egg hunt all and got three Easter baskets with goodies.  This in addition to the basket she got from my Godmother the night before.  That is one kid without a shortage of candy!  We packaged her stuff from us in a sweet Little Princess Vera Bradley purse.  I put a mini Chloe doll and the Veggie Tale DVD she's been wanting inside.  My brother, who's her Godfather, gave her The Gospel for Children.  But I think the biggest hits were from my mom and dad, Tangled on DVD and the book  Mary Englebrite's Fairy Tales.
We had just enough time for a light breakfast and to pack up the car before we had to get to Grandma Norma's for part three of our Easter weekend.  Guess what, even more treats were waiting for ER there.  Grandma Norma gave her some new Legos, a joke book, neat rubber duckie soaps, suncatcher kit, a New Baby book, and a mix & match layette set for her Bitty Twin.

My family joined us for another egg hunt, this time outside in the backyard, because the sun was still shining.  During the rest of the afternoon a little baseball was watched, some Legos were built with, and Brad's old Star Wars toys from childhood also made an appearance. 

Dinner was a big holiday spread with ham, Polish kielbasa, sauerkraut, green bean almondine, carrots coins, corn on the cob, potato salad, deviled eggs, and rolls.  Everyone was stuffed but somehow we managed to fit in pie and ice cream before the official Easter meal was done. 

Easter weekend was busy and the weather was lovely, it kinda makes up for the rain we're supposed to be getting all this week.  We were so tired when we got home last night, everyone was in bed by ten o'clock.  I still have to unpack, but am so unmotivated to do so!  Hope your weekend was fun filled too!


Credits: Spring into Easter Kit by Jady Day Studios, Freebie Digital Template via Heather RoselliFreebie Quick Page from Connie Prince, Freebie Digital Template by Jen Caputo.

7 Friends Said:

Renegades said...

Looks like and reads like a nice Easter.

Alison @ OhMyVera! said...

I hope that ER liked her VB LIttle Princess purse! They are so cute!

I have been checking out your digital scrapbook pages, they look great! I left all my scrapbooking stuff at my parents house because I didnt have room for it in my car when I moved and I cant have them ship it because I dont have room to store it. I might have to switch to digital scrapbooking for a while if I dont want to get too far behind. It looks like it would be fun though. I am not ready to get started, but maybe soon...or maybe when it starts to snow and I get stuck inside!

Glad you all had a Happy Easter!

Jenny said...

What a great Easter!

Tara said...

Wow! Y'all were very busy! I have thought about taking Andrew to the zoo but it needs to be soon or it will be way too hot for me. We are already in the upper 80s/low 90s. Glad you had a great Easter with your families and I got a little chuckle out of the church story.

MBC Scrapbooking said...

Beautiful layouts:) I also love the egg coloring page on the previous post.
Sounds like a wonderful Easter- and no, you aren't an old mom. Those other moms are just crazy. LOL.

malia said...

Hi Katie, What a great weekend... I hear what you're saying about the zoo... I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant with Mia and had Max. Naps work!

Your digi layouts are fantastic xo

bless her heart said...

Hi Katie! Beautiful layouts! Love these digital pages! We miss you over at Creative Scrapbooking Divas! Hope you'll visit soon! We have a new look, new design team, & crops every month! And - we're looking for sponsors! :) Swing by & visit!

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