Friday, April 15, 2011

Going Greener with Marcal® Small Steps®

In one week it'll be Earth Day 2011 and while we try to make earth concious decisions all year long, it's a great time to share with you one of the small things families like ours can do every day, that don't require a drastic change in our lifestyle or a hefty price tag.  One we've recently been introduced to is switching paper products. 

Marcal® Small Steps® makes toilet paper, napkins and paper towels made from 100% premium recycled paper. Just in time for Earth Day, Marcal is introducing two MAJOR product innovations. Marcal Small Steps two-ply bath tissue is now softer, and Marcal Small Steps paper towels are stronger when wet.

Marcal believes that: Switching to paper products made from 100% recycled paper may seem like a small thing, but it actually adds up. Did you know that most paper products use virgin trees in their production? If every household in the U.S. replaced one package of traditional toilet paper with Marcal Small Steps, together, we could help save nearly one million trees. And, in your own home, a family of four could save two trees a year (17 trees over 10 years) just by switching to paper products made from 100% recycled materials. To see how your small steps add up, check out Marcal’s tree calculator.
We received samples of both the Marcal Small Steps two-ply bath tissue and Marcal Small Steps paper towels.  Right out of the packaging, the first thing my daughter noticed is that little hearts are imprinted on the bath tissue.  I though that was a nice twist of a love the earth kind of theme.  It also meant that she immediately wanted it for her bathroom, which was fine by me, because at going on five she still uses a lot of paper with each flush.  It's especially good to know we're making smarter choices, as I teaching her to have less waste and pull off fewer sheets at a time is a work in progress.

We normally use a really thick ultrasoft bath tissue, and I can't lie, Marcal's Small Step two-ply bath tissue  is not the same.  There is a definitely a different texture and it rougher.  That being said, it's still on par with most bath tissues you encounter out & about and in many homes.  I think for many people it's a fine alternative and the knowledge you're helping save trees and using recycled and eco-friendly products is worth any trade off for the difference in softness.

We've also been using the Marcal Small Steps paper towels and these I have been very happy with.  I don't notice a difference in performance between their paper towels and the ones we'd bought previously.  Plus I really like that Marcal's aren't bleached white with cholorine bleach.  I feel I could comfortably make the switch to Marcal's 100% recycled paper towels with an inner core of recycled paper.

You can also learn more about Marcal Small Steps on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  To find a store near you, check out their store finder.


Disclosure: Complimentary review products, product images, and product information were received via a PR representative.  The experiences and opinions related are personal, unbiased, and uncompensated in any other way.

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